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Company Profile

Lubritech Limited is a joint venture company between the UMW Group of Malaysia and Dah Chong Hong Group of Hong Kong specializing in distributing and manufacturing premium and high quality lubricants in China. Headquartered in the city of Jiangmen (Guangdong Province), Lubritech Limited blending plant is one of the most advanced independent lubricants blending plants operating in China. The blending plant was fully designed by a well known Germany Consultant Company, and it was completed in 2010 with an investment of USD20million.
Lubritech Limited takes pride of being a reliable lubricants solution provider. With our world class lubrication technologies and excellent customer service; we are able to offer a full range of research and development, blending, storage, and distribution services for our customers. And in line with our company’s vision, we are committed to providing the best quality lubricants to our customers!
Our Business Segments:
1.      Distribution Business                             
Supported by our state-of-the-art equipments, Lubritech Limited holds Exclusive Distributing and Manufacturing right in China for:
a.      Repsol – A premium and one of the top 5 European brand of lubricants.
b.      GRANTT – An establish international brand of lubricants
Our products for both brands have been use extensively for:
a.      Automotive and Motorcycles segments
b.      Industrial and Specialty segments
c.       Marine segment

2.      Blending Solution Services                    
Lubritech Limited is known as one of the most advanced independent lubricants blending plat in China. Our plant’s facilities and equipments are comparable to those belonging to plants operated by the top international brands. For example, we are among the most advanced independent lubricant blending plant that is equipped with full pigging system.
Our value proposition is to blend lubricants for customers that need the highest level of quality and solution.